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For the last six years I have worked in Majune as the parish priest, I am happy to say that, with your, spiritual and material collaborations, we have managed to accomplish some of our dreams.


Our first project was to rehabilitate the residential house, the church and the parish hall, which were in very bad conditions due to long absence of the resident priest in the area. With the help of benefactors the project was successfully completed in the year 2006.


The second project was, either to drill a bore-hole, or open a water-well for perennial drinkable water. So far, the mission was depending on seasonal water-well to serve the school and students hostel, of which during dry season, it was forced to travel from 8kms to 10kms in search of water. Since drilling was not successful, the mission managed to open a bigger well, about 1Km from the mission, with a capacity of about 52,000 cubic litres of clean water during rainy season, and 39,000 cubic litres during dry season. The project was completed in the year 2008.


The parish embarked on the constructions of the chapels in some of its community centres, with collaboration of the communities involved and the benefactors. Although the project has been rather slow, I thank God that we have managed to construct two of the eleven proposed chapels, while the third one is in the process of collecting materials and ready to start.


The parish is now involved in the project of assisting parents and children suffering or living with IHV/AIDS. Already the parish is helping over 360 children from 189 single parents by offering food, education materials, and equipments to open and run small scale farming in associations for future self-reliance.

I therefore rejoice and thank you very much for having been too close to us in realizing some of these projects in one way or other. I still need your assistance and prayers to face new challenges in the new mission I have been transferred. To God we give praise and honour.