Construction of a new church

For many years, the Parish of "Nossa Senhora da Paz" (Our Lady of Peace) has been depending on a very small chapel, until it collapsed in the year 2008 due to torrential rains. This aroused in the hearts of the parishioners and the then Parish Priest (a Consolata Missionary), a strong desire and will, to construct a better church, large enough to respond to the fast growing population of the area.

In October 2011, the Christians started this big project, with the laying of foundation stone which they took with great seriousness and enthusiasm. The work went on well until of late, when the Christians' effort started to reduce drastically due to lack of funds. The construction has now has come to a stand-still.

Although a big part of work has been realized, the following still remain to be done: to complete the roofing; installing of electricity and sound system; and acquiring of new furniture. All these have now been pushed to the 2nd phase, to be accomplished when funds are available, depending on Divine providence.

I, therefore, turn to you dear friend, for financial assistance on order to complete this great dream. Your contribution, however little it may be, will help us buy one iron sheet or one chair for the church.

The Centre for Human Promotion

The Parish of "Nossa Senhora da Paz" (Our Lady of Peace) is situated in the town area of the city of Nampula. The Parish is very highly populated with more than 50,000 people and it keeps on increasing. The Parish centre alone has a school, running from class one to class twelve, with over 5,000 students commuting to school on shifts from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm.

With the growing population the parish needs to answer some of its urgent demands and one of them being the necessity if having a multi-purpose pastoral centre for human promotion.

Within the parish exists an old building, with almost falling roofs which used to be a hostel for students during colonial time and was abandoned after independence (see the photo). We are now launching a project to rehabilitate this old building to become a future "Centre for Human Promotion" where different activities and courses can be conducted. These will include activities like formation for women promotion, adult education, computer lessons and library, among others.

I still count on any assistance you can offer in order to realize this great dream.

Fr. Phelix.